18 Years Later: Why I Think Adnan Syed is Innocent



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Could this smiling seventeen-year-old be a cold-blooded killer?


Sarah Koenig’s podcast, Serial, investigates whether or not Adnan Syed committed the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, and leaves her audience hanging at the end of the first season. There are many different speculations to what happened during that fateful day on thirteenth of January in nineteen ninety-nine, but I am confident that Adnan is not the one who ended Hae’s life.

First of all, there is no hard evidence against Syed. Sarah even said it herself in the podcast that the only thing she knows that could be truly incriminating is his cell phone records. Outside of that, the court has nothing solid. In fact, the phone records may be his saving grace because it places him in a different location that afternoon. In addition to this, Asia McClain, a classmate of Adnan’s, says that she distinctly remembers seeing him at the library that afternoon at about the time Hae was murdered. Not everyone is as sure of Syed’s innocence as Asia though.


adnan and hae
It is hard to believe that Adnan is the one who brutally ended his young love’s life.


Jay, Adnan’s friend, seems to be set on the accusation he made: Adnan was the one who strangled Hae. This should not have been taken as seriously as it was though because there is no one that can attest his credibility. Jay could have easily had a grudge against his friend or even been the one who did it for all anyone knows. There is only a slim chance that the details he gave about that day were true, considering the fact that there are inconsistencies poking a hole through his stories everywhere. For example, Jay says that he was at the house on the night of the 13th, but Jen, his girlfriend says they were at the Westview Mall. Jay also seems to know a lot about the case and he was said to be pretty intimidated by the van and of nondescript people who were “threatening him.” This does not make sense for someone who has nothing to hide and regarding so, there is a definite possibility that Jay was at least a significant factor in the murder committed that day.


So the mystery ensues…


There is no way to know for sure who is telling the truth, and – as Koenig says in the episode – the question to ask is, “What is the utility of which lie?” There are many speculations that can be made about what happened to Hae Min Lee that afternoon, but a fact that I believe to be true is that Adnan Syed is not guilty.

To watch a scene from ABC News that elaborates on Syed’s case and talks with Asia McClain, click here.

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